2510, 2019

Help Me Shoot A Stand Up Special!

I’m shooting a one hour stand up comedy special called “Shut Your Cake Hole” in The Helix in Dublin on the 11th January
I want to make a live recording of an hour of my best material with an audience of 130 fans in the Helix Theatre in Dublin on January 11th 2020. I want this material recorded and out there so people who are fans of my TV work but haven’t seen my stand up can see what I’m about.

But most of all I think this will be a brilliant fun evening and I would love as many as you as possible to […]

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806, 2019

Letter To My Younger Self

Write, perform, discover, learn, be open, be honest, be true to yourself. You don’t need someone else’s approval. Don’t do what you think people think you should do. Do what is good for you only even though other’s disapprove. Don’t mind the gossip mongers, naysayers and the takers. Don’t let people disrespect you or take you for a ride. If they do, don’t get angry, just calmly tell them what they have done wrong and tell them you’ll give them one more chance. If they do it again, drop them. Find people you respect and admire and learn from them. […]

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1401, 2019

Joe and Pat On The Road. Coming soon…..


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1004, 2018

Holy Terror!

I’ve been terribly awfully busy of late. That’s not a good thing necessarily. Being busy that is. I mean if I was busy scratching lottery tickets, that would be fairly desperate and sad. However mostly I’ve been busy doing good things. Okay here are the good things; I’ve been writing and shooting short sketches with Patrick McDonnell and Paul Woodfull which we’ve been putting up online. I’ve been over to America to do three gigs and shoot a “sizzler” for a sitcom written by the irrepressible Mike Fah. Myself and Patrick are on a mini tour with our Further Ted […]

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