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Bishop Knows Best

Sometimes a girl needs advice – even if she didn’t know she wanted it. It could almost be a sitcom (a reeeeally old sitcom)…
Written & performed by Tara Flynn. Joe Rooney as The Bishop.
With Charlene Craig, Eoin Duggan and Donnacha O’Brien.

Sun Tan Song

Fergus Scully does the Sun Tan Song


A clip from Talking Funny discussing song parodies and other things.
Not my video, property of HBO I’m sure.

Getting Motivated in the Morning

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Joe Rooney & Paul Tylak’s live comedy on Tom Dunne

As part of Tom’s Aussie extravaganza Joe Rooney & Paul Tylak performed a live comedy sketch on the Newstalk roof.
The idea was Tom would give the pair a nationality and they would commentate on the world cup in those characters.

Fergus Scully’s Guide to the World Cup – Joe Rooney – RíRá

A clip from TG4’s “RíRá”. Fergus Scully (Joe Rooney) presents the last of his guides ahead of Ireland’s appearance at the 2002 World Cupán. This week, he goes ag siopadóireacht for football jerseys.

barbara cartland

dog interviewed

Joe Rooney – Hairdressers

From Vicar St, ’05!

Joe Rooney – Rap

From Vicar St, ’05