I’m looking forward to three nights in The Stand in Edinburgh next week followed by a couple of nights in the Laughter Lounge in Dublin the following weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be able to perform at the Alcheringa festival in India at the end of the month as that was depending on Culture Ireland funding the price of the flights and they turned it down. However the organisers said they would like me to attend the festival in 2016 and will make a new application next year. Usually when I do gigs abroad the price of flights is part of the deal so this is the first time I have applied for funding and needless to say I was disappointed with the result.

Having looked through the funding process for the arts from semi state bodies I have decided to form a band called “Buideal” who are a Celtic folk metal band performing self penned mainly instrumental pieces called “ Pagan Fire” “High Priestess” and “Sacrificial Cow” with a mixture of fiddles, flutes and metal guitar riffs I think we will clean up with the grant hand outs. I have to work on the look for the band; maybe a mixture of wooly jumpers and leather.

In February I am also performing my own show at the Leicester Comedy Festival and I’m in talks about putting on my own show in New York on March 17th also. In the meantime I will be working on new stuff around the small clubs in Dublin in the next few months and of course performing at The Comedy Improv in The International on Monday nights.