Ahoy there mateys, for the last Wednesday in April there certainly is a nip in the air. I believe there were hailstones yesterday and the phrase “snow in high places” was heard on the radio. Its hard to believe the festival season is just around the corner. I hope to God the majority of female festival goers will eventually ditch the “orange legs and denim cut offs” uniform that is de rigeur with a certain age group who are probably studying economics or how to be an “event planner” of all things. Why anyone needs to go to college to learn how to plan an event is beyond me. It’s easy; plan an event and put it on. If no one turns up you are doing something wrong. Believe me, I have learned the hard way and that is the only way to learn.

So tonight I am chatting to comedian Jason Byrne for a live recording of my podcast PodaRooney.  The 46th episode is going out this week and I’m really proud of it and the output so far. Check it out here; http://castaway.media/podarooney/

This weekend I am performing at Jest Fest the Wexford Comedy Festival which is in its second year; http://www.jestfest.ie/

In June I’ll be performing at Forbidden Fruit, The Cat Laughs, Body and Soul and Glastonbury; July I’ll be in Macroom(I think), Craggy Island Festival, the Galway Arts Festival and the Vodafone Comedy Festival (probably); In August I’ll be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for two weeks and in September the Electric Picnic. In October I’ll lock myself into a room and sleep for a week. Anyway all my bleedin’ gigs are on the events page. I hope to fuck I make some money because I’m still trying to pay off last years VAT!