Hello person, I’ve just performed at the Vodafone Dublin Comedy Festival. When I say just, I mean four days ago. ‘Twas great altogether. Apart from performing I was seen walking around with headphones and my Zoom recorder getting quick interviews with fellow comedians Nick Kroll, Phil Jupitus, Stephen Frost, Andy Smart and Tommy Tiernan among others for my podcast Podarooney. Here’s the result;    http://castaway.media/podarooney/2015/07/episode-17-various-at-the-vodafone-comedy-festival/    It certainly makes doing a festival a bit more intense; finding a quiet spot for an interview then rushing off for a sound check, back for an interview then off to do a show and at one point getting a 15 minute interview with the very obliging Phil Jupitus during the interval of the show I was performing along side him in. At first I found doing the quick interview a bit off putting as I am used to the long interview where you slowly get into it and hope to get a more personal feel for the person. I realised I needed to get straight to the point on the short interview and quit starting with, “Are you enjoying the festival?” I was annoying myself after three of those and began to get straight to the point. I learned a lot about what makes a good interviewee to and basically that those who ditch the banalities and get straight in with something straight from whatever is in their strange little minds are far more compelling.

I’m heading to Sligo on Sunday to perform a reading of a WB Yeats play Resurrecton in a church ruin. Now that’s a first and the first time I’ve been in a church on Sunday in a long time. Really looking forward to it!  I’ll play a Hebrew; a doubter but want to believer. I’m also WB Yeats himself.

On Tuesday I head to New York for a day and a half and hopefully I have an interview with a lady who was a junkie, a prostitute and is now a fashion designer. If not I will just interview some random New Yorker; I mean it’s the same thing probably.

Then I head to La Crosse Wisconsin for a three day Irish festival. I’ll be performing all three days. I am performing at the opening ceremony. Holy God I hope I don’t offend everyone and get thrown out of La Crosse on the first day! Then I will fly to Philadelphia for three days and do one gig in Lancaster PA before heading to Milwaukee Irish Festival for five gigs in three days. God I hope that goes well! Of course it will but y’know I still hope I don’t die on my arse every show; welcome to the mind of a paranoid self doubting comedian. I should have prepared more though. I will prepare. I’m preparing as we speak. Well not while I’m writing this blog so I better stop writing this now and prepare. Why are you distracting me? Who the fusk are you anyway? That’s right I said fusk! Fusk you anyway! In two weeks I will be on ten flights in two weeks; I better not fusking die in an air tragedy!  Stop thinking!

Goodbye person. Talk Soon.