I’ve been terribly awfully busy of late. That’s not a good thing necessarily. Being busy that is. I mean if I was busy scratching lottery tickets, that would be fairly desperate and sad. However mostly I’ve been busy doing good things. Okay here are the good things; I’ve been writing and shooting short sketches with Patrick McDonnell and Paul Woodfull which we’ve been putting up online. I’ve been over to America to do three gigs and shoot a “sizzler” for a sitcom written by the irrepressible Mike Fah. Myself and Patrick are on a mini tour with our Further Ted show taking in Belfast, Birmingham and Dublin so far but with a busy schedule ahead of us throughout the summer. I have been writing the beginnings of an Edinburgh Fringe show. I believe I will call it “A Holy Terror”. I am preparing to play a character in a feature length movie being shot in Kansas City this May. I am training for a marathon in Connemara on the 22nd April. I’ve been shooting an online chronicle of myself and Frank McCaughey’s challenges that we’ve set ourselves. One being the marathon. That should go out in the autumn. These are all goals that I set myself early on in the year. I realised I had been putting myself in situations where other people had control whether that was personally or professionally. Professionally that would be TV stations or live bookers. I realised I could book and promote my own gigs. I realised I could create my own content and put it online for thousands to see, a thing that would have blown my mind when I was in my twenties. I realised I didn’t need money to be creative. I didn’t need money to sit down with a pen and paper and write. I realised I could take that creative risk because if I failed I could learn something from it. I realised I only needed to please myself. With that in mind when I start performing what I hope will be a new show for the Edinburgh Fringe I will be shitting myself but I’ll be shitting myself on my own terms.

Here are my dates for April. It's a Holy Terror.

Here are my dates for April. It’s a Holy Terror.