Hello there. It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I have been busy I suppose. Since the last blog I’ve performed comedy shows in Bangkok, Barcelona and Amsterdam as well as the busy pre-Christmas Irish stand up comedy schedule. I also was making an effort to keep my podcast Podarooney going although with all the other stuff sometimes it’s difficult to keep a regular podcast coming out. Indeed while I was recording one of these podcasts my car was stolen back in November. That put me in a tizzy to put it mildly. After two months of getting nothing back from my insurance company and renting cars whenever I needed to which was quite a bit I got a call from the Dundalk Gardaí saying they had found the car but they would need to keep it a few days to do forensics. Needless to say I was delighted although I was worried the car would be in bits. Four days went by and the Gardaí never called me so I decided to call them. The Garda I had been talking to was off for the next three days I was informed however a few hours later a different Garda called and informed me that the forensics had been done and I could collect the car although it would need to be towed. So I went to have a look at it and was surprised to see fake number plates and some clothes in the back seat and a high visibility jacket in the front seat. I said nothing as I just wanted the car back. It was towed to a garage and fixed up costing the guts of €1000. When I got the car home I cleaned it out and found a little home made axe as well as various bits of clothes and of course the fake number plates in the back seat. The axe was a nasty looking weapon with a loop on the handle that fitted round the wrist. I called the Garda in Kevin St that I reported the theft to, to inform him that the vehicle had been recovered as he was very helpful and professional throughout the ordealdav. Just as an aside I told him that there was an axe and number plates still in the car. This really surprised him so he said to collect all this material without putting any finger prints on them and hand them in to the Gardaí in Drogheda where I live. I realised at this point that there was little chance that the Dundalk Gardaí actually had done forensics on my car as surely they would have kept the evidence had they done that. Anyway I collected all the objects left in the car making sure not to get my finger prints on them and handed them into a Garda in Drogheda who promptly picked up the little axe in his ungloved hand and said, “Jayz that’s some weapon”. At that point I just felt like I was in a Michael McDonagh film.
As for the car insurance; I was advised by my broker not to make a claim as it would mean my car insurance going up astronomically. So I didn’t make a claim and my insurance this year was €2500. That’s my car insurance without a claim and if my car is damaged I just have to suck it up or next year they’ll stick another grand on that.
So that’s the situation. If your car is broken into or stolen, between the thieves, the gardaí and the insurance companies you’re pretty much on your own.