Hello Turnip Head,

Since my last bloggerooney I did a couple of great gigs at the Bath Comedy Festival; Mandy at St John’s Wine Vaults was so accomodating and the pub itself is a lovely old boozer. The same weekend I did a great gig with Paddy Casey in McGettigan’s in Limerick. Last week I did the Roisin Dubh in Galway and three nights in the Laughter Lounge with Whose Line Is It Anyway. The best thing about doing improv is you have as much craic onstage as the audience are having. I’m really looking forward to a Middle East tour with Whose Line Is It Anyway in May. We have gigs in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After that I have a couple of gigs in London, the BARE festival in Laois, Body and Soul festival and on the 17th July, McGrory’s in Donegal.

I’ve been acting in a feature film called Monged which will screen at the Galway Film Fleadh. I play a cork drug dealer psycho type fella and I get to use a gun which is what I always dreamed of as a young fella. Very few people ever hold a gun in their hands in real life but in films very few people don’t have a gun. What’s the fascination? Is it a penis thing? What’s the opposite of a gun? Is it a purse? “ Every body on the ground; I’ve got a purse and I will use it!” It would have to be a purse that could kill people by sucking their face off or something. Do you think if women ruled the world we’d know more about the planet earth and less about the universe? We’d be exploring the core of the planet rather than going up and out there? I wish we could shrink ourselves and explore the garden. I mean the best thing about being small was how big the world looked. Remember the film about a vessel that journeyed through the human body called Fantastic Voyage?


Okay back to life, back to reality. I am doing this www.jestfest.ie a comedy festival in Wexford from 1st to 4th May and please listen to my podcast PodaRooney http://castaway.media/podarooney/category/episodes/  and leave a comment if you do. Well toodle pip, talk soon!