I spent a couple of weeks in The Middle East with Whose Line Is It Anyway. We performed in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I got sunburned on my chest in Abu Dhabi and told all the lads, “whatever you do don’t touch my chest on stage” and what happens? Halfway through the show Frosty ( Stephen Frost) grabs me by the shirt right on the reddest part of my chest. I emitted an involuntary scream of agony which had to be explained to the mystified audience. I love the improv but I tend to go over the previous performance in my head thinking ” why did I say that? I should have said that”. It’s a bit like coming out of an audition. I loved hanging out with Ian, Frosty, Steve, Andy and Gordon the promoter; Compared to traveling around on your own or with some one that’s just a pain in the hole (no need to mention names) it was just great craic. The lads have been doing gigs around the world for years and know how to enjoy themselves and know it’s important to stay out of each others way at times too. Gordon McKenzie the promoter and his girlfriend brought us on a trip to the country side in Oman; we went to a waddy, a sink hole and the beach so we got to swim in three different bodies of water in one day and had a barbecue that night. Oh the gigs went well too! I hope I brought something new to the show. We all performed together again a week later at The Cat Laughs festival as a kind of mini reunion.

The Dublin Comedy Improv then performed at The BARE In The Woods festival in a wood near Portarlington to a great reaction and a week later at Body and Soul and got a standing ovation!!! Panti Bliss came on after us and was incredible! I curated the comedy tent at BARE In The Woods and was delighted with the results. My favourite band there were an Irish hip hop group called Dah Jevu https://www.facebook.com/Dahjevu?fref=ts check them out. At the end they had us all shouting, “put the carcass in the carpet!” . You had to be there. I also loved the band “Goat” at Body and Soul https://www.facebook.com/goatsweden?fref=ts So now

I’m looking forward to seeing a film I’m in called “Monged” at the Film Fleadh in Galway, doing a couple of gigs in London on the 10th, 11th July ( Jono’s of Ealing on the 11th)—-The Kings Head, Galway Arts Festival, lunchtime 14th July —- McGrory’s, Inishowen, Donegal, 17th July— – Ned Natterjacks, Castlegregory 23rd July— – Whose Line Is It Anyway with Phil Jupitus, Vodafone Comedy Festival, Dublin, 25th July —- La Crosse, Wisconsin 6th, 7th, 8th August http://www.irishfestlacrosse.org/events.html —- Milwaukee, Wisconsin 14th 15th,16th August http://irishfest.com/Entertainment/Artists/Joe-Rooney.htm —- Carrickmacross Arts Festival 20th August —- Electric Picnic Festival 5th September.

I will be adding a few gigs in the US in DC, NY and PA but won’t put them up until everything is agreed. Until next time please have a listen to my podcast Podarooney http://castaway.media/podarooney/2015/06/episode-11-luan-parle/

Above is my latest one with singer songwriter Luan Parle.