403, 2018

Jayz That’s Some Weapon

Hello there. It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I have been busy I suppose. Since the last blog I’ve performed comedy shows in Bangkok, Barcelona and Amsterdam as well as the busy pre-Christmas Irish stand up comedy schedule. I also was making an effort to keep my podcast Podarooney going although with all the other stuff sometimes it’s difficult to keep a regular podcast coming out. Indeed while I was recording one of these podcasts my car was stolen back in November. That put me in a tizzy to put it mildly. After two months of […]

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1710, 2017

Zoom, What was that?

I was on the phone with my nephew Jarlath to tell him the Breeders gig we were going to see last night had been cancelled because of hurricane Ophelia when he said, “it just came up on the BBC news that Sean Hughes died” . It’s just one of those weird ridiculous sentences that you can’t process immediately. Sean Hughes dead? Dead? What? But Sean Hughes or the fella who used to be called John Hughes was a wide eyed youth with his life ahead of him only yesterday. I was in a band called Guernica and he was in […]

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1206, 2017

I want to practise thespianism!!!

It’s been two weeks since I treaded the boards in the Gaiety Theatre. It seems to have flown by. I was cast in the part of the “loud” missionary and a couple of other minor roles in John B Keane’s The Chastitute back in April. It was something that came out of the blue and was an absolute brilliant challenge and joy to do. The first day we all met up to do a reading I was, as we say in the business “bricking it”. You see, all the other actors were seasoned ones, not covered in herbs and spices, […]

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1704, 2017

Try Pod!

Roughly every two weeks I put out a new podcast. My podcast is called PodaRooney. I thought it was a good name; y’know like whackarooney, smasharooney, bloggaroony. I have been podarooneying now for nearly two and a half years. The format is fairly straight forward mostly in that I interview someone and have a bit of a rambling intro and outro either side of the chat. I sometimes do the intro and outro while I’m out for a walk in the countryside with my dog but then Adam Buxton started a podcast and did exactly the same thing. My dog […]

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