2102, 2017


Here is my PintBaby song which has received the official approval of PintMammy!!


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1502, 2017

My Show Reel

I am not just an Irish stand up comedian y’know! I am an actor and writer too . Here are a few films I have done recently and quite a few years ago including; Father Ted, Red Rock, South, Lean On Me, Adolf and Eva and Flying Saucers, Rock n’ Roll.

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1402, 2017

Happy Dead Flowers Day!

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1302, 2017

#actorslife #noonecares

I spent the weekend running around the small town of Drumlish dressed as a priest having a panic attack. It was cold and obviously it was a rehash of the Father Damo character I played in Father Ted but there are worse ways of making a living. Anyway at no point did I feel the urge to Tweet about it with the hashtag #actorslife. Although I just have now obviously. I could have tweeted ” just spent the day pretending to be someone else #actorslife” or “just spent four hours talking about myself and my career to a bored looking […]

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