2907, 2016

Squelch, squelch, a walk through my heart

Well, how are ye? I’ve been to a lot of Festivals. I think Glastonbury was my favourite despite the mud that sucked at your every footstep and eventually clung to you as you departed so you left an ever dwindling trail of mud from bus to bus to airport to plane to car. There are pieces of Glastonbury still on my backpack and in my heart. Seeing Squeeze in a little tent n the performers area was incredible and Tame Impala but I just loved the whole friendly yet eccentric vibe about the place. And sharing the experience with my […]

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1605, 2016

Oh Ehmmmm Gee

What about ye? I was just up in “Free Derry” last Thursday and had a wander around The Bogside and the general area where Bloody Sunday took place. It reminded me that it was a civil rights march that got ambushed that day. There was discrimination and people inspired by the civil rights marches in America decided to march and then the ignorance and stupidity led to paratroopers shooting at a group of unarmed innocent people. I had a great gig in Mason’s in Derry and hope to get back there to interview one of the Undertones for the podcast.

The […]

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2704, 2016

Festival Season

Ahoy there mateys, for the last Wednesday in April there certainly is a nip in the air. I believe there were hailstones yesterday and the phrase “snow in high places” was heard on the radio. Its hard to believe the festival season is just around the corner. I hope to God the majority of female festival goers will eventually ditch the “orange legs and denim cut offs” uniform that is de rigeur with a certain age group who are probably studying economics or how to be an “event planner” of all things. Why anyone needs to go to college to […]

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2303, 2016

The Craic and The Pod

Today I am celebrating the Commemorations of the 1916 Rising by surreptitiously dropping crumbled up Jacobs cream crackers on the floor of the local post office while standing in the queue. I will also buy some Revels chocolate covered confectionery with assorted centres and throw them in the air shouting “up the Revels”. Oh and I did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vknVbkSafFM

I also recorded my first live podaRooney podcast http://castaway.media/podarooney/

Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!


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