Hello people, I just found out this morning that I’m doing another gig in the US in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (where I believe there is a pawn shop on a corner) on the 16th March which means I’m going to be in Toronto, Boston, Pittsburgh and New York in a space of 5 days. Is this a good idea? I’m not sure but I’m doing it anyway and I hope to fuck it all works out! Thinking about it makes me have flash forwards to possible stressful situations such as sitting in a taxi in bad traffic late for a flight, the battery running down on my phone, arriving at a show and not having a lead for my guitar or my guitar not working for some reason or getting drunk after a show and waking up hung over with all my possessions strewn all over the hotel room floor two hours before I have to catch a flight or losing my debit card and having no money or just some unforeseeable disaster that could possibly happen like just for some reason losing all my trousers and having to perform a show wearing someone elses trousers which would just completely screw up my delivery I would imagine. I’m just always leaving stuff in hotel rooms; in the past 6 months I have left a jacket, two shirts, an electric toothbrush and a really good electric shaver in hotel rooms in Kansas City, Cork and Newcastle. I still can’t forget a really nice guitar that I left in a taxi in Shanghai. I feel like I am just doing gigs to pay for stuff that I leave behind while I am doing gigs.
So I am doing a podcast called Pod-A-Rooney. It’ll be out soon, maybe next week. My first interview is with Stephanie Roche the footballer who won a second place Puskas award for her amazing goal for Peamount United. In the meantime I have been interviewed for a podcast on 738am podcast; you can find it here http://castaway.media/738am/2015/02/episode-9-joe-rooney/
So if you have any American cousins, friends or acquaintances with or without a trace of Irish in them who want to come to a comedy show in Manhattan, The Bronx, Boston or Pittsburgh please give them a shout and tell them to go and see me! The dates are on my event calender. Do It!