Well, how are ye? I’ve been to a lot of Festivals. I think Glastonbury was my favourite despite the mud that sucked at your every footstep and eventually clung to you as you departed so you left an ever dwindling trail of mud from bus to bus to airport to plane to car. There are pieces of Glastonbury still on my backpack and in my heart. Seeing Squeeze in a little tent n the performers area was incredible and Tame Impala but I just loved the whole friendly yet eccentric vibe about the place. And sharing the experience with my wonderful son. My mind was swiveled in a good way. Next to that, Saturday night in the marquee at The Craggy Island Festival was unforgettable. I was singing with The Afters and it was just a sea of dancing priests and nuns and at one point a naked man. Dancing and sweating onstage I could frequently wave at my smiling daughter amongst the mayhem. I smile now when thinking of it. The trip to Inish Meann was a thing to behold as well. Drunken versions of The Birdy Song on sax, fiddle, trumpet and double bass. Crazy Shit! I have also started doing some kind of psychotherapy to mend my troubled heart which is a relief as I have been up and down like a hoors drawers as they say although that’s not politically correct, nor is it a recognised medical term. I have Edinburgh coming up. I’ll be putting the dates and venues up here. Until then, keep passing the open windows!

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