Good day to you fellow person. I’m in the library so I’ll have to make this quick and extremely quiet. I’m whispering the following; my friend Paul Woodfull and I or to put it another way, Me and Paul Woodfull are making a special release to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Rising as our alter egos Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly and Scribbler O’ Donoghue. The song called The Craic We Had The Day We Died For Ireland by The Hairy Bowsies will be available on iTunes and other musical platforms and a stirring video will also be on view on YouTube in March.

My podcast PodaRooney (also available on iTunes free of charge) is flying. Recent guests include Anne Gildea (The Nualas), Simon Delaney (The Good Wife, Alpha Papa), Ardal O’ Hanlon and Frank Kelly (both of Father Ted). I am recording my first live PodaRooney on the 24th Feb with guests Thomas Walsh (Pugwash), John Connors (Love Hate) and Amanda Brunker ( Champagne Diva books (which I have borrowed from the aforementioned library (this is the first time I have put brackets inside brackets inside brackets))).

It’s incumbent on me to mention any foreign gigs I have recently done or will be doing in order to make myself sound exotic and really successful. With that in mind I have recently gigged in Azerbaijan and Barcelona and in the coming months I will be gigging in Amsterdam, Brussels and …… Bath.

My new agent in America is Ronan Collins; contact him at