I am heading back to Toronto on March 13th to do the Canadian Irish Fund annual St Patrick’s Day Lunch. I did this last year and had a whale of a time; one thousand people sat having lunch in the Toronto Convention Centre after arriving at 11am to a free bar. It’s not for the faint hearted but I had a great time last year and even got to meet the controversial Toronto mayor at the time Rob Ford. He wasn’t invited but he just turned up anyway and caused quite a stir.

The next day I’m flying down to Boston to perform in The Boston Irish Cultural Centre. It’ll be my third time performing in Boston in a year. I like Boston; it’s a proper good city with character and a great place to walk around not like L.A or Atlanta where people think you’re crazy if want to walk somewhere. Then I head for New York to do a show in The Village Underground Comedy Club in Manhattan on the 17th and The Rambling House, Bronx on the 20th. I’m hoping to do a few spots in comedy clubs in New York and possibly Philadelphia while I’m over.

In the next couple of days I’m shooting a few scenes in the TV3 drama Red Rock. I’m playing an interesting character but I suppose I can’t give anything a way but my hair will play a part. I think my hair always plays a part in every character I play. Once you’ve got the hair you’ve nailed the character. I’m sure De Niro said that once or just mumbled something and that’s what I heard. I’m also going to be on the panel for an episode of Hey Ho Let’s Go! the new RTE panel show hosted by Dermot Whelan. That should be a laugh although I know I’m going to be bricking it before it’s recorded. I hate the bit on a panel show when you’re being introduced and you have to smile because you know there will be a close up but you don’t feel like smiling because you haven’t even spoken yet so it’s a bit like the bit before you go onstage at a comedy gig when you steel yourself before you go on except at a comedy club you know you’re going to get straight into your material and have them laughing but on a panel show you’ve got to sit there getting a round of applause from an audience that haven’t even heard you speak yet so it’s not a real round of applause it’s just because they are supposed to applaud….okay I’m getting worked up here. I’m sure it’ll be great.

I’m sure it will. I have to go now and rehearse my lines and get my hair right for Red Rock.