In the last year I have gigged in Edinburgh, Toronto, Moscow, St Petersburg, Boston, Kansas City, San Diego, L.A., San Fransisco, New York, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Chicago. I was back in NY ( I know New York so well now I just refer to it by initials!) and Boston to host a gig with Mundy, The Stunning and The Boomtown Rats. In NY the band Ash played as well. They had the best after show party with the prettiest girls in the dressing room. Actually, they were the only band to have girls in the dressing room. One of them said my Titus Andronicus t-shirt was “awesome”and said she knew the band. Titus Andronicus are a band I heard of on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. Maron interviewed the singer Patrick Stickles. I liked what I heard and downloaded their album, A More Perfect Union. When I flew into Boston to start a mini tour of the US I was collected by a Bostonian comic and she said we might as well check out this bar where there was an open mic night. So as I was watching all these young comedians doing their 5 minutes each and I heard a band playing in the room next door and realised it was non other than Titus Andronicus! So I snuck in free of charge and bought a t-shirt to make up for not paying. Anyway to cut a long story short this girl took a photo of me wearing the t-shirt and put it on instagram tagging Patrick Stickles to which he gave a thumbs up or a like or something.

Oh and another thing when I was backstage at the same gig Sting came up to me and said “well done”. Well I think he came up to me but he might have been on the way to some one else more important and I was just in the way. The main thing is he said “well done” to ME! Even my mother never said “well done” to me.

During the summer I acted in a few great sketches on Callan’s Kicks with Oliver Callan and an episode of a RTE kids show called Spooky Stakeout which airs in February 2015. Amn’t I great altogether? I just did a photo shoot with Oliver Callan for the Sunday Independant magazine. Oliver was President Michael D and I was his “special” assistant. So that’ll do for now. I have to go to bed. I have a small rash on my head. I hope it’s not serious but if it turns septic I’ll be sure to let yiz know.