Like everyone I am reeling under the reality of President Trump. It must be inspiring for anyone who is an advocate of the self help books that are manifest that a man with such obvious lack of the qualifications  personality traits to be suitable for the position of President of the United States of America can actually hold that position. The Power of Positive Thinking was a book by Pastor Norman Vincent Peale the man who officiated over Trumps wedding. The scary thing is that Trump has taken positive thinking to new a level. A level where not only do the views or opinions of others not matter but reality and facts themselves don’t matter. Trump makes up facts as he goes a long. Well not facts because they are made up but facts in Trumps head. So there is no point in argument because Trump can create his own world in his head and nothing that anyone else says matters, This is the power of positive thinking brought to extreme. Reality doesn’t exist, only the reality in Trumps head. That’s was not a problem for all of us until Trump became the president of America. Now the fantasy in his head can become our reality. Trump is a man who blatantly lies and when those lies are quoted back at him he blames his accuser for making them up. He lies constantly and blatantly. His lies can easily be fact checked and debunked within minutes and yet millions of people still voted for him. So for millions facts don’t matter anymore. Just put someone up there who will confirm my prejudices and inclinations and I will back him/her. Trump is like one of those people you might get into an argument with in the comments section of YouTube. No matter logical argument you put forward they will comeback with some bizarre made up “fact” to put you down and eventually you just get tired of it and leave the conversation. It feels like the all of those YouTube ranters have got together and elected a leader and thats pretty scary.

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