Roughly every two weeks I put out a new podcast. My podcast is called PodaRooney. I thought it was a good name; y’know like whackarooney, smasharooney, bloggaroony. I have been podarooneying now for nearly two and a half years. The format is fairly straight forward mostly in that I interview someone and have a bit of a rambling intro and outro either side of the chat. I sometimes do the intro and outro while I’m out for a walk in the countryside with my dog but then Adam Buxton started a podcast and did exactly the same thing. My dog is called Rosey and so is his and he is far more famous so I felt it would look like I was copying him. So I have decided to not mention Rosey on my podcast anymore.

So in the last couple of years I have chatted to lots of well known people such as Ardal O’Hanlon, Des Bishop, Dave John’s and Christy Dignam and lots of not so well known people. I say “chatted to” and not “interviewed” because I prefer to have a chat rather than have a list of questions and stick to them. Sometimes it is the less well known people who have the more interesting stories to tell or perhaps they are less guarded. I love listening to people’s stories and I love chatting to people who aren’t trying to project an image or sell themselves as something they are not.dav

When I started out I felt very self conscious about approaching people to interview them. I thought “who the fuck am I to be asking people to reveal themselves to me for an unknown podcast?”. Some people didn’t even know what a podcast was. They would ask, “ When will it air? How do I listen to it? What station is it on?”  (If you are one of those people read the notes at the end of this blog…arooney)

So since I have started out in February 2015 lots of podcasts have come and gone or just seemed to mysteriously stop. I am not surprised as what may seem like a short cut to fame and fortune is nothing like that. It takes up at least one full day of editing and producing and then there’s the research and travelling to and from the interview. Since I started I have purchased decent portable equipment and I’ve gotten used to the idea that I am a semi professional podcaster so I travel as a rule ready to record a chat or to even record atmosphere (traffic, rivers, laughter) which I might insert somewhere. I love it to be quite honest. I love putting different chats together with bits of music and sometimes sound effects. It’s a bit like when I started out doing stand up. I have control and I think I do really good job. It’s not a stepping stone to something else. It is what it is and I just love doing it. The same as stand up I can’t see myself wanting to stop or give up. It fits in well with the stand up and occasional acting I do too because I get to travel and meet people in dressing rooms and TV studios and I can then whip out my equipment (ahem) and have a quick chat or arrange to have a chat at a later date.

If you are a podcast virgin then here is how you listen to a podcast. On iPhone there is the Apple Podcasts app. and on an Android you could try Pocket Casts app or Castbox app. Just download the app and start searching for podcasts you would like to listen too either by name or subject matter such as comedy, documentary, sport etc. Then if you subscribe to that podcast the app will update it when a new episode comes out. On the laptop just search for a podcast on iTunes.You can find my podcast PodaRooney on these apps. Its also here on my website. Happy listening.